Hurricane / Sand Hollow, UT - April 2023

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Hurricane / Sand Hollow, UT - April 2023

Postby tobyw » Sat Apr 08, 2023 5:01 am

For Spring Break this year we took a trip down to czek out the area around St. George, Utah which just so happens to be directly adjacent to a couple prime attractions: Zion National Park and the Sand Hollow State Park recreation area. If you are much into the internet wheeling scene, Sand Hollow has become quite the hotbed for the sport and many refer to it as the "new Moab"... I won't bore anyone with the details of our entire trip, but I'll give you my impressions of Sand Hollow from a wheeling perspective.

First off, the Sand Hollow area as whole is truly fantastic for multi-use recreation. There is a lake/reservoir for all manner of water sports, plenty of dispersed camping, and of course miles and miles of dirt for hiking, horses, bicycles, dirt bikes, ATV/UTV's, and wheelers. We saw all of this and more during our stay, including one low elevation flyby from an experimental aircraft of some sort. It was quite the experience to come over a rise and make eye contact with a pilot at a pretty significant rate of closure :shock:

Anyhoodles, specific to the wheeling aspect of the area, here is my take away: imagine Juniper dunes with a body of water on one side, and then plop the Funny/Moon Rocks out in the middle somewhere. Change the color of the sand and rocks from grey and brown to pink and red, and then scale everything up a few times. That is Sand Hollow for wheelers :|

IMG_2096.JPG (1.8 MiB) Viewed 3343 times

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IMG_2128.JPG (1.72 MiB) Viewed 3343 times

Bottom line, to get the most out of the area you either need a RZR or a dedicated wheeler that can take on hardcore obstacles and sustain body damage without concern. To compare it to Moab just isn't accurate, as Moab has sooooooooo much more to offer in terms of trail options, destinations, and views. Overall I'm glad we went down there as the rest of the trip was fantastic, but for me personally Sand Hollow wheeling was kind of a bust :(
Yep, I've wheeled one of those, too...

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Re: Hurricane / Sand Hollow, UT - April 2023

Postby SPR » Wed Apr 12, 2023 2:03 am

Good info… thanks
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