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May Land Use Report

Land issues, laws, restrictions, etc...

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May Land Use Report

Postby Grumpy » Sat May 05, 2018 11:22 am

Ok-Wen Travel Management - Sill a "work in progress". Kinda getting old.

NACHES COLLABORATIVE - LITTLE CROW: The Huckleberry logging will start this spring, we were told there are no timber restrictions on size of the trees.. Apparently the Little Crow has not been signed off yet by the Forest Supervisor. The Little Naches working group will have a meeting June 5th. The HEM (Human Ecology Mapping) that was to take place in June will not happen as there is no personnel to do this.

TWIG (Trails Wilderness Interest Group) met April 3, 2018. A map of the logging activities was handed out. There will be no logging on the weekends. Lost Meadows and the North Fork of the Little Naches will receive 500 logs dumped by helicopter in the river for fish habitat. Bats at Boulder Cave are becoming a problem. They have white nose disease and this is found only back east and Eastern Washington. They plan to put rugs down and things to scrape your feet to try and help from spreading the disease. The bridge on the 1913 is to be replaced with a fiberglass bridge, letters of comment are requested on this project. We need this bridge so please send a comment letter before April 30, 2018. You can access the project web page at

GREEN DOT MEETING: The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) along with the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) hosted a public meeting on Thursday, March 22nd in Selah, WA to discuss changes to the “Green Dot” road management in south central Washington. Results of this meeting are since we don't have any agreements with private property owners there will not be any green dot roads on private property. New maps will be out May 1st on paper and on line and you must know where you are at.

TEANAWAY - OHV lost this one. General consensus is it was stacked that way.

STIMILT BASIN - This may dragon a while. Seems an outfit called "Winter Wildlands Alliance" from Boise is now pushing it. The drive is for quiet recreation, so sleds will basically become history. WWA had a comment link on their site, and it would seem,after it got shared around among some pro OHV sites, they apparently got some edits to their letter not to their liking, and shutthe link down. I find that hilarious.
Comment from Donna Germain: "Nothing has been decided. Working on proposals for the snowbunnies and found out they are wanting to close some of the green dot roads down to give a connector road. The three proposed closures are where the elk hunters camp. I am now on the recreation planning committee and the the main planning committee. We have a recreation planning committee meeting on May 22nd. The hunters are making calls to the game dept. and to Larry Leach bitching. In fact one of the guys had a meeting with the Governor this week. Haven't heard how that went yet."

BLUE MOUNTAINS - Objection time is coming. Stay tuned.
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