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Colville NF

Land issues, laws, restrictions, etc...

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Colville NF

Postby Grumpy » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:53 pm

The possibility of opening 90,000 acres of the Colville NF to more
recreation exists. The project is known as the "Sxwuytn 'Trail' -
Kaniksu Connections Project" One of the project's purposes - as stated
in the pre-scoping letter - is to "identify where recreation facilities
connect with needs to restore watershed health; and contribute to the
local economy through a consistent supply, stewardship and contracting

If you recreate (whether by 4WD/4X4, ATV/UTV/SxS, single track
motorcycle, mountain bicycle, snowmobile, on foot, or by any other mode)
and access the project area you need to take an interest in this project.

I have been exchanging e-mail messages with the project POC asking some
basic/general questions and have received some answers. In one of the
replies the project POC said the CNF recognizes there are some
user-created roads/trails in the area and it is very likely they will be
"removed from the landscape". So what does this mean? Anything
user-created will be obliterated in such a way you will never be able to
use them again! Therefore if you want these added to the CNF road/trail
inventory, you need to become involved! Public land managers recognize
numbers of people who respond to their public comment periods. An
individual voice has little chance of impressing upon public land
managers the need for something. However, if many people are heard, you
have a better chance of making things happen.

I have obtained copies of the FS Topo maps (US Forest Service USGS
topographic maps) which show roads/trails in the area. Many of these
roads/trails are NOT on the current Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) dated
April 01, 2017 (the most current MVUM for this area). Although these
maps are dated 1996 and some 1993, I don't think many roads/trails have
been added. These maps could be used as a starting point for identifying
user-created roads/trails and hopefully we can justify their need and
get them added to the CNF inventory.

I have MVUMs starting back in 2006 and most years thereafter. MVUMs
published prior to 2008 were considered "interim" meaning they did not
have the force of law. I will be reviewing the MVUMs to see if any
roads/trails on them are not on the current MVUM. You can help me by
identifying any user-created roads/trails that you have reason to
believe are needed and we can work to hopefully get them added to the
CNF inventory.

They are planning on releasing a list and a map of all the National
Forest System roads in the area. I'm not sure when that will occur.

Here's some links related to this project:

Project websites:
US Forest Service - Colville NF:
Kalispel Tribe:…/sxwuytn-trail-tribal-forest…
Downloadable FSTopo maps: ... index.html

Currently the USFS website has the most information.

If you decide you'd rather recreate in the area now and worry about this
later, the will be NO "later". We must respond during the project
public comment periods. If you do not, you will not have anyone to blame
except yourself! I have been working with the CNF on their Forest
Plan revision for elevens years (it's almost done!) and am well-known in
the CNF for my contributions to the Forest Plan Revision. I can help
you, but I won't do this if there's no interest! I do not know this area
that well (have only been in the area once). I am depending upon
YOU to help identify roads/trails in this area.
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