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Lands update 6/5/19

Land issues, laws, restrictions, etc...

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Lands update 6/5/19

Postby Grumpy » Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:23 pm

1 - Juniper comments sent in. Posted in Land section under Juniper Planning. Meetings are planned for July 22/23 at the Columbia Center Red Lion.

2 - New study request is out regarding Little Naches and Upper Yakima Basin. Link is posted in Land section of the forum. It really needs some motorized input. Notice who’s involved.

3 - Comments are closed on the Taneum Restoration. This area is pretty much all single track, but I did comment and mentioned 4x4. Some of “them” weighed in pretty heavy for more road decommissioning, and one old boy from Idaho went nuts on it, claiming the FS is only about more extraction.

4 - Seems the collaborative staff down in Oregon got caught in a rather obvious lie recently trying to explain that the forests down there are “closed”. They were called out by the locals who have been part of fighting the closure, and finally admitted their “mistake”. FS staff present made no effort to correct them.
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