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Proposed NEPA process changes

Land issues, laws, restrictions, etc...

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Proposed NEPA process changes

Postby Grumpy » Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:42 pm

Been looking at this with some of the WOHVA crew, and this CE kinda jumps out. Don't like it. Too open-ended, and could be used against motorized. There's still too much anti-motorized sentiment in the ranks of the FS, and this may be an example of their influence. Yeah, I'm being a mite cynical...DW

Proposed CE #6: Revision to 36 CFR 220.5(e)(20)
As Revised 36 CFR 220.5(e)(20). Activities that restore, rehabilitate, or stabilize lands occupied by roads and trails, including unauthorized roads and trails and NFS roads and NFS trails, to a more natural condition that may include removing, replacing, or modifying drainage structures and ditches, reestablishing vegetation, reshaping natural contours and slopes, reestablishing drainage-ways, or other activities that would restore site productivity and reduce environmental impacts. Examples include but are not limited to: (i) Decommissioning a road to a more natural state by restoring natural contours and removing construction fills, loosening compacted soils, revegetating the roadbed and removing ditches and culverts to reestablish natural drainage patterns; (ii) Restoring a trail to a natural state by reestablishing natural drainage patterns, stabilizing slopes, reestablishing vegetation, and installing water bars; and (iii) Installing boulders, logs, and berms on a road segment to promote naturally regenerated grass, shrub, and tree growth."
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