Midnight Mudders Juniper clean up 2022

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Midnight Mudders Juniper clean up 2022

Postby Roman » Sat Apr 09, 2022 7:41 pm

7am call for chow is a little early for some, but those that braved the early morning chill were rewarded with a belly full of Andy's finest breakfast!

Mike, Isabel and I took a little time to let our food settle, before being joined by Vadim and his daughter Aniah in their Orange LJ. Mike had to make a detour to pick up his buddy and RzR.
After finding a parking spot by the flag pole and unloading Sveta rolled in, followed by Mike and his +1.

With a little BS'ing we started making our way to the end of Juniper Road to find the Mudder's camp but not before Tim and Charlie joined the fold. Once there we were greated by some of the Desert Rats and got our event specific black garbage bag. Our numbers grew even more when Casey and Sheila in their 4dr JK followed by Todd in his silver TJ. Man we really had a great turn out!

We decided to run the perimeter fence lines and after getting into the flow of rolling hills I got word that Jennifer and Kris were just about to the end of Juniper road...

About face!

The rest of the herd kept on the northern fence line path while the Ybarra rescue turtle made our way back to camp. Once back to Mudder Central we had a nice visit with Ed


Once we got "Sally Sue" aired down it was cross country we go. After some ups and downs :cool: I found a high spot to prairie dog from. Bingo! We were in the perfect spot to meet up with the rest of our herd! Introductions were made to the new snail to join our herd and some leg stretching was enjoyed. Then off to the next spot. The big dune was chosen and some not so smart decisions were made, but all those involved were able to drive away...

Even after big winds Juniper still has huge bumps at the bottom of the hill climbs!

Jose & Isabel YJ
Mike SxS
Mike's +1 SxS
Vadim & Aniah LJ
Tim & Charlie Bronco
Casey & Sheila 4dr JK
Todd TJ
Jennifer & Kris 4dr JK

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Peak Putters President
Peak Putters President
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Re: Midnight Mudders Juniper clean up 2022

Postby Roman » Mon Apr 11, 2022 7:20 pm

From SallySue (Jennifer)

received_1384927881919730.jpeg (715.56 KiB) Viewed 27 times
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