EWA New Year’s Colockum Snow Wheeling – Jan 1st 2013

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EWA New Year’s Colockum Snow Wheeling – Jan 1st 2013

Postby Beep Beep » Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:23 pm

New Year’s Colockum Snow Wheeling Run
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Naneum State Forest - Photo by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Tuesday January 1st, 2013 Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at Curley’s II in Kittitas Washington for the News Years Colockum 4×4 Snow Wheeling Run.

We convoyed to Colockum Road and aired down. Some head problem getting to the air down area.

We moved on up Colockum Road and climbed out of the fog. The weather was very nice on top of the ridge. We regrouped and moved on. The group got a little spread out with a lot getting stuck. The snow was powder and did not pack very good. I followed tracks that were already there. The ruts were deeper than my tires could reach so I just kept up my momentum until I hit some deep power. Kyle worked hard to pull me out and also got stuck in the powder snow. We stuck on the road as another group came up. We waved them around us but I guess the guy in the CJ7 with tall tires thought it would be funner to drive off the tracks and around us. It did not work well for him. That group turn around and headed back down as we moved on up the trail with Kyle and Craigen’s TJs in the lead.

At the power lines all the tracks turned off Colockum Road. We could not push on up the road because the powder snow would not pack. We turned around to go fine the rest of the group. We everyone was together again, we headed down to the bottom to add enough air to get back to Kittitas.

Once back in Kittitas we stopped in at 4WheelingPlus.com to air up for highway driving.

After everyone was aired up, a few of us headed over to Curley’s II for dinner and a Get Together. Our sponsor JustDifferentials.com sent some stuff to give away to the people who came. What a nice bonus to a fun day. Thank you JustDifferentials.com.

See full report with 33 photos at: EWA New Year’s Colockum Snow Wheeling Run – Jan 1 2013


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