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Do not try this at home run. Cheeze. 2018 October

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Do not try this at home run. Cheeze. 2018 October

Postby OldGreen » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:36 pm

Lori was in Spain. I hate being home alone. Mav agrees. . .

Sunday morning Oct. 14. We loaded up the JLUR/Ginger and headed out for a solo wheelin' trip without a map. Like I said, don't try this at home. I make no excuses, I tend to make less than good choices. So. . .don't wheel alone during hunting season in sketchy a$$ weather. Cool? Cool. . .ok, on with the show.

Choices were made. Bald Mountain Road was our choice for ingress. After getting some 1 finger waves from the hunters that were posted on 1 foot centers for, what I imagine, was my excessive speed, we landed at Funny Rocks at around 10AM. After noting that there was no broke Toyotas that day, we turned back toward the ridge.

When we crested the hill, we say a white Jeep. Last human we'd see until MUCH later.

On down the first section of the Tripod Flats trail. The first left, I found out later, is "Tipover Challeng" trail. Of course, my sense of direction told me it was headed in the right direction (I wanted to get back to the top of the ridge and on to Quartz Mountain). . so I took it. At that point, I sent a cryptic text to TDub, the tall one, and the old one. One of them sent me a map!! Huh. . .tipover. . .Ok. . .I'm by myself in a giant red school bus on a trail named "Tipover". . .whatever. . .It'll be FINE!!

Fine it was. . .pretty tight for a JLUR on 37s, but Mav is a GREAT spot(ter) so we continued to crawl along. We MOSTLY made the correct turns. . .hinder and yon through the trees and rocks and burned areas until we intersected the String Trail and then. . .BEHOLD!! The top of Manastash Ridge!! Lunch in a sunny burn. . .a little "fetch the stick", checked the blinker fluid (needed a quart or 3), then on to the Kaner/Quartz intersection to check out the pica habitat.

Onward on the ridge. . .taking all of the optional hillclimbs. . cuz, why not? Finally, one wrong turn that led me to a set of trees that my scale copy of the Exxon Valdez wouldn't physically fit through. . .flipped a B, tore off my damn fender flare AGAIN. . .and then back on up to the top of Quartz for the views and allllll the way down the 31 road to Ellensburg, Campus U-Totem for a burger, more coffee, and a 79mph trip home on the black doom.

Oh, but wait. . .while I was enjoying my black and blue burger at U-Tote-Em (they really aren't that good), I got a text from an old chum:

Hey Jimmy, I got an extra ticket for the WSU Game next weekend, you wanna visit the ol' stompin grounds, check out College Gameday, and take in the game?

My one word response:



Quick question? Anybody wanna go wheelin?

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