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Cage shaking

Land issues, laws, restrictions, etc...

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Cage shaking

Postby Grumpy » Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:41 pm

Just sent this. Now to see if they respond...

Good morning,

this email is going to serve as a formal request for information regarding the difference in how the new NEPA streamlining processes public input was handled as opposed to what apparently may have happened with the Forest Restoration Policy that was put into effect in 2016. With the NEPA process, there were 30 + thousand comments received regarding streamlining including a comment from me regarding how proposed number CW# 6 will have a detrimental effect on anything to do with fire safety search and rescue motorized Recreation and any number of other uses of the forest. what I fail utterly to understand is what was the difference in public input processes between 2016 and 2019 that would allow the forest restoration policy to escape into the world with only 16 comments, nationally. I am asking directly Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen and Deputy Chief, Chris French, to explain the vast disparity here. both will have far-reaching impacts on Forest users particularly those of us in the West, but I see the restoration policy is being particularly out of line given how the public input portion of the process may or may not have been handled. I would like to see this policy withdrawn and the process for its implementation start over again using the same process as was used in the new policy as far as NEPA was concerned.

Additionally, I am sending a copy of this request to my congressman, Dan Newhouse, so that he will be aware of what I am attempting Lucy gets done. It is my hope that you will take this seriously and respond to this request and answer my question regarding the 2016 Forest Restoration Policy.


Dave Walters
Kennewick, WA

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Re: Cage shaking

Postby TJDave » Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:09 pm

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