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EGR Delete? 90 4.0L

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EGR Delete? 90 4.0L

Postby Owanis » Mon Feb 17, 2020 8:00 am

After looking and reading very little about the EGR system on my 90 i get the bright idea to basically try an egr delete and see how it runs. I had the manifold off to replace the cracked exhaust manifold with a pacesetter 2.5" header so this was a perfect time to plug the hole in the bottom of the air manifold and pull the EGR valve off and build a block off plate. Got the plate built and bolted in place and wired up the O2 sensor. I also disconected the EGR solenoid and plugged the connections on the manifold where the vacume hose connected. So i thought i had everything covered but when i fired it up she is running ruff at idle and she smoothes out a little with throttle. Guess i should have asked u guys first but is this even possible and will the engine run a little better without all the emissions crap. Help me out here guys...

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